Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Top 5 Summer Road Trippin’ Items

1: Bring Your Best Friend/s – Making memories is what a summer road trip is all about.  Take your best friend or friends along with you and see how much fun you can have.  There will be times of sadness and times of glory.  Get lost, take the back roads, and see what kind of experiences the open road provides you with. For more information click here. hammock camping gear, quality wool blankets
Rugged Tan Wool Camping Blanket

2: Wool Blankets – Whether you plan to sleep in your vehicle, pitch a tent at a campground, or shack up in a motel on your road trip, be sure to pack multiple high quality wool blankets for your journey.   Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company wool blankets are some of the best wool blankets you could own.  They provide warmth on the chilly nights yet keep you cool in the heat.  You never know when the car may break down and you have to sleep on the side of the road.  Be prepared to bundle up and stay warm. Your friends will thank you when you pull out a few extra wool blankets from the trunk of your car! For more information click here. Corporate Gift Idea, Merino woolwool blanket

3: Road Maps – Getting lost can sometimes be worth the memories and experiences it can create. However, make sure you can always get back on track by using good old-fashioned roadmaps.  Cell phone GPS is great for the most part, but there will be times when you do not get service and you’ll be happy you had a map at hand. For more information click here. Sheep Wool Blankets & merino blanket, Cream Plaid Wool Blanket

4: Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated on the road will help you stay focused while behind the wheel.  You can fill up your reusable water bottle at all your pit stops and limit the amount of waste by not using plastic water bottles. For more information click here. Wholesale Wool Blankets & Navy Blue Wool Blanket

5: Open Mind – Keeping an open mind on the road will help have more fun and enjoy the curveballs that a road trip may through you.  Whether it’s a flat tire, picking a hitchhiker, or getting lost on a detour, an open mind and the willingness to not sweat the small stuff will make your road trip and enjoyable one indeed. For more information click here.  Black And White Wool Blanket & Heavy Wool Blanket On Sale

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Monday, 13 August 2018

Wool Blanket Corporate Gift Idea

Finding the perfect high quality corporate gift for your employees, bosses, or clients can go a long way in terms of letting them know that you care. For more information click here. Wool camp blanket, warm wool blankets
 Rugged Gray Wool Blanket
Don’t disappoint them this year with the typical branded golf balls that end up in the woods or expensive wine that is gone after one dinner.  Give a gift that will stand the test of time.  Give them the gift of a premium virgin merino wool blanket that they can cherish forever.  Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company provides your company with substantial discounts for bulk orders of our best-selling wool blankets. The Woolly Mammoth wool blanket gets its name for a reason… it’s huge! At sixty-six inches by ninety inches, you can wrap yourself from head to toe in these merino wool blankets.  Warm and comfort is plentiful while snuggling up on the couch while watching your favorite flick, or outside gazing at the stars (shop our Stargazer wool blanket).   The twill weave enhances the durability while the double-stitched edging with a classic yarn whipstitch provides the wool blanket with a tasteful finish.  With the holiday season fast approaching be sure to contact us as soon as possible to put in your orders. Wool blankets make a special and unique corporate gift idea! For more information click here. Camping Blanket

To learn more about our corporate gift program click HERE or email us today at info@wmwcompany.com

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Summer Camping Cocktail

Its summertime and living is easy.  The weeks have come and gone and your annual camping trip to the lake is right around the corner.  Your friends are bringing the typical beer that you have all crushed in years past.  This year, however, it is time to class it up a little bit and introduce some summer camping cocktails to the party!  You can find a ton of great cocktail recipes online, but here is our favorite creative camping cocktail that will surely impress your friends and have them asking for s’more: For more information click here. plaid wool blanket & striped wool blanket
Teal and Cream Wool Blanket
The Liquid S’more:  Start by pouring 1 tablespoon of chocolate syrup into your shaker.  Pour 1 shot of marshmallow vodka, 1 shot of Irish cream, and 1 shot of half and half into the shaker.  Fill the shaker with ice and shake it hard for a minute or two.  Next, take your martini glass and dip the rim in cream or chocolate syrup and coat the rim with crushed graham crackers.  Pour the contents of your shaker into the martini glass and top with another shot of half and half, and voila, your liquid s’more is ready to drink.  Step it up a notch by roasting a marshmallow over your campfire and placing that on the rim of your glass as well.  Make sure to have plenty of supplies because these will go down quickly. For more information click here.  washing wool blanket & wholesale blankets 

After the partying is said and done, remember, the best blanket to pass out on is a premium, thick wool blanket from our Farmhouse Collection.  These plaid wool blankets, such as the teal and cream wool blanket, are the perfect camp blanket for the tent, camper, or RV.  Having a huge party and want to have plenty of blankets to go around? Consider inquiring about our wholesale wool blanket options. We’ve got the best camp blankets around. Choose from our green wool blanket or gray wool blankets.wool blanket

Happy camping and drink responsibly! For more information click here. teal blanket & fireproof blanketGray Wool Blankets

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

RV Camping Checklist

Are you planning to step up your camping game this summer by ditching your tent and sleeping bag with a warm wool blankets for the luxurious creature comforts of an RV?  RV camping is a bit more involved than just finding a piece of dirt to pitch your tent.  You’ll have to find a campsite large enough for your RV and then make sure your new camping enclave is level.  RV camping is glorious. . . just remember you’ll have to think about things like having a generator, filling and emptying water tanks, and taking care of that dreaded sewage! Aside from bringing the basics such as food, plates, utensils, pillows, sheets, etc., we recommend taking these items along for the ride. For more information click here. Quality Wool Blankets, plaid wool blanket
red plaid wool blanket

1.      Warm Wool Blankets:  High quality merino wool camp blankets will keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights.  A thick wool blanket is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use so you’ll be able to snuggle up under the stars or snuggle on the couch for those rainy days when you’re stuck inside.  Get ready to find the best camp blanket out there. Check out our variety of the best wool blankets  for your next RV adventure! For more information click here Heavy Wool Blanket, Gray wool blankets

1.      Emergency Kit:  An emergency kit with all the essentials such as bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, instant cold compress, tweezers, etc.  You never know when you or a stranger will need a helping hand! For more information click here Black And White Checkered Blanketwool blanket

1.      Food:  RV camping allows you the opportunity and refrigerator space to pack much more than a few hotdogs and buns.  Get creative and enjoy a few big feasts while on the road. Most RVs come equipped with a stove top, oven, and microwave.  Plus you’ll now have the counter space and storage space for whipping up a five-course gourmet meal! For more information click here Wool Blankets For Sale, best wool blankets

Games:  Make sure to pack a few board games, puzzles, and a deck of playing cards for those rainy days.  More lively family games such as Don’t forget to pack the cornhole boards and bags and the bocce ball set as well for some outdoor fun! For more information click here. 100 Percent Wool Blanket, best camping blanket, best corporate gift idea

Flashlights:  Flashlights are a necessity for any camping experience.  Don’t forget to pack extra batteries.   We’ve all stubbed a toe on a rock or a stump.  Prevent that from happening with a bright shining flashlight. For more information click here thick wool blanket, wool blanket camping

For wholesale blankets inquiry contact us at info@wmwcompany.com.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Five Reasons to Try Winter Camping

As soon as the weather turns warm, most avid campers get their gear ready and look forward to summer camping. The weather is ideal, kids are on school break, and it’s a perfect excuse to unplug and hit the open road. But what about winter camping? Have you ever explored what this would be like? Although certainly a different type of experience, there are some advantages to camping in the winter. Grab your warm wool blanket and read up on our reasons why winter camping should not be discounted. For more information click here. Sheep Wool Blankets & merino blanket, Cream Plaid Wool Blanket
Fewer Flies
Simply put, flies can’t survive in the cold temperatures. Cold temperatures mean not as many flies. This is a win-win in our book. For more information click here. Wholesale Wool Blankets & Navy Blue Wool Blanket

Excuse to Stock Up on Gear
Although it’s important to have layers for summer hikes and camping, you will need layers for winter camping. A base layer, mid layer, and outer layer are the fundamentals for winter camping. We always suggest packing additional layers, in the event temperatures drop or articles of clothing become wet. As a wool blanket company, we favor a good quality pair of wool socks. Throughout the year, we sometimes have wool blankets for sale. Planning a group excursion? Check out our wholesale wool blankets. They also make a wonderful gift idea for the avid camper in your life. A good camping blanket can be treasured for years to come. For more information click here.  Black And White Wool Blanket & Heavy Wool Blanket On Sale

There’s something magical about a glistening campfire within the backdrop of a snow-white campsite. Be sure to practice your campfire building skills ahead of time and make sure you bring enough gear. A portable heater is a good idea to consider, too. For more information click here. Black And White Plaid Wool Blanket & Red Plaid Wool Blanket

The stillness of wintertime and the cool fresh air is an experience like no other. Investing in quality gear is important if you are going to consider winter camping. Packing a durable wool blanket will help provide an additional layer of insulation.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Three Tips on Corporate Gift Giving

Don’t let your company gift giving program go unnoticed this year. How much time and effort does your team put into recognizing employee milestones? How do you show gratitude to loyal customers? How do you make an impact and retain clients? Developing a robust corporate giving program is essential to any workplace. In need of unique corporate gift ideas? We have you covered (literally!). A beautifully woven merino wool blanket makes for the perfect corporate gift idea. Show your clients and employees that you value them. Spread warmth and holiday cheer with this unique corporate gift idea. For more information click here. Wool camp blanket, warm wool blankets

After a while, corporate gifts all seem the same. Clients and employees can tell when thought goes into a gift. Like anything else, first impressions last. A wool blanket is a unique corporate gift. Your recipient will think of you every time they wrap up in their wool blanket. It’s timeless and classic. Choose from our many designs. We have plaid wool blankets, gray wool blankets, striped wool blankets, green wool blankets, and cream wool blankets. For more information click here. Camping Blanket

Quality speaks volumes. Not only does it set you apart, but it shows that you have a commitment to providing and producing impressive business practices. This could be a deciding factor between retaining a client or not. For more information click here.  sheep blanket, best wool blankets

Corporate gift giving should not simply be a holiday touch-base activity. It should be practiced throughout the year. Stay in the minds of your employees and clients. . For more information click here. hammock camping gear, quality wool blankets

Are you looking for a unique corporate gift idea for your company? Consider giving the gift of a timeless textile and offer your recipient a high-quality wool blanket. Perfect as an oversized throw, home statement piece, or to use as a camping blanket. We offer wholesale wool blankets and corporate gift pricing. Contact us to learn more.

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Benefits of Family Camping

Family camping is a wonderful past time. With the prevalence of technology in almost every aspect of our lives, it’s nice to get away and disconnect. The constant running of news and immediate gratification can be downright…exhausting. Family camping is a great way to explore the outdoors and reconnect. There’s something powerful about being one with nature. Not to mention, nature can be a great learning tool for kids. Grab your best wool blanket and curl up to read about the benefits of family camping. For more information click here. plaid wool blanket & striped wool blanket
Fresh Air
Fresh air and freedom….the perks of camping! For those who work 9-5 in a cubical or for the stay-at-home parent who has had just enough of cartoons on the television, a camping trip serves as a sweet escape. Good for the mind, body, and soul. For more information click here.  washing wool blanket & wholesale blankets

Nature is not only an excellent playground, but it’s a wonderful learning tool. Teaching about plants and environmental responsibility and sustainability are lessons that your kids will take with them forever. Teach them the rules of camping and hiking and to leave no trace behind. For more information click here.  teal blanket & fireproof blanket, Gray Wool Blankets

Card games, horse shoes, roasting marshmallows, and wrapped up in a cozy camp blanket are all sweet reminders that there is life outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday routines. As a wool blanket company, we can never have enough warm wool blankets! We love packing a few gray wool blankets and green wool blankets. We use our merino wool blankets not only in the tent, but also as a hammock blanket, picnic blanket, and emergency blanket!

There’s something magical about getting out of the rut and routine that often happens in life. Carving out time to explore the beauty around us not only promotes a fresh perspective on life, but also inspires us to feel a sense of compassion and gratitude for the world around us.

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