Sunday, 20 May 2018

Tips for Organization and Leading a Group Hike

Group hikes are a wonderful way to bring people together and explore nature. Meeting new friends and like-minded people can be a good respite from the long work weeks. There are many different hiking meet-up groups throughout the US that match level and location. Not only do you get a great exercise in, but you open yourself up to a whole new network of people. Win-win in our book! Some of the best people we have met have been people out on the trails. There is a sense of similarity when you meet and interact with people. Organizing a group hike takes some advanced planning. We’ve put together our top tips for getting everyone together. For more information click herestriped wool blanket
Give everyone advanced notice. Check the weather and time of year. Many people have commitments on weekends. A little advanced planning goes a long way. For more information click here. Cream Plaid Wool Blanket

2.      Pick an objective that works with everyone. Assess limitations and hiker skill. This will ensure everyone feels included. Is this a work-focused team-building exercise? If so, be sure to check out our Corporate Gift Idea for warm wool blankets. They make unique client and employee loyalty gifts.    

3.      Don’t have too many people. Ten or less is good for a day hike. Otherwise it can be challenging to keep everyone together. 

4.      Reward yourselves! Maybe it’s an epic picnic at the top or a swim in the river. As a wool blanket company, we offer  Wholesale Wool Blankets. Grab one for everyone and take time to unwind and relax after your hike. We have to admit, we think they are the best wool blanketsJ

Be a leader. Make sure everyone feels included and part of the group. If someone is struggling, try to encourage the group to come together and help. Comradery is important in the wilderness. It’s a great way to build memories, too!

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Developing an Impressive Corporate Gift Program

With the advancement of technology and globalization, business competition is tougher than ever. Long gone are the days where companies only provide corporate gifts during the holidays. Implementing a corporate gift program is a wise choice for companies of all industries. Unique corporate gifts build comradery among clients and customers, enhance trust, promotes loyalty, and supports employee relations. Showing employees and customers that your organization cares is an excellent way to boost business sales and employee retention. For more information click here. Navy Blue Wool Blanket
Below are some factors to keep in mind when implementing a strategic corporate gift program in your workplace. For more information click here.  Heavy Wool Blanket On Sale

First Impressions
Like anything else, first impressions last. Your corporate gift should be thoughtful and impressive. Cheap and inexpensive promotional items are quick to hit the trash can. Investing in unique corporate gifts can be the deciding factor or retaining an employee or client. Considering the amount of time an employee dedicates to the workplace or the amount of money a client spends, investing in a meaningful corporate gift is one that is worth it in the long run. Clients can tell when they are being gifted a thoughtful present. For more information click here. plaid wool blanket

Make It Relevant and Useful
Corporate gifts should not be cheap and disposable products. A unique corporate gift is one that the employee or client will use and therefore, be reminded of your company and thoughtful gesture. As a wool blanket company, we hear from companies every year who want to give their employees and unique and special corporate gift. Spread warmth with a durable wool blanket. Perfect for those who love the outdoors (it makes a great camp blanket!) or as a statement piece for those chill nights by the fire place. A 100% merino wool blankets is an impressive and timeless gift that your clients and employees will treasure for years to come.Wool blanket are excellent ways to show clients and employees that you care.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Top 4 Reasons to Hike with Your Kids

In a world where technology is literally in every direction, it’s a sweet relief to unplug and soak up nature. Children today have technology at their fingertips. As the summer months unfold, it’s important to get out and explore the world around us. There are so many lessons to be learned in nature. We’ve put together our top 4 reasons to hike with your kids. For more information click here. Yellow Wool Blanket

1.      Educational
The world is our teacher. Learning about plants, herbalism, gardening, animals, and taking care of the earth are just some of the ways we can teach children to be future protectors of land. For more information click here. Gray Wool Blankets

2.      Exercise
So many kids spend their summers and weekends in front of the TV or playing games on their cell phone. Technology can be great…but should be limited. Healthy eating and movement go together. Cultivating a sense of exercise and self-care is important. And what better way to do that than outside in the fresh air? For more information click here.  100 Percent Wool Blanket

3.      Simplicity
Kids have a lot on their plate these days. Between homework, school, clubs, sports, and college applications, sometimes a little simplicity is what the body and soul needs. Embarking on a family hike on the weekend is a perfect way to disconnect from all other distractions. Pack a picnic and your favorite warm wool blankets and hit the trails! We love packing the gray wool blankets because it’s compact and easy to roll and unroll. Every backpacker should have a good camp blanket and emergency blanket.

4.      Life Lessons
Bringing your kids out into nature not only builds maturity and character, but it teaches them how to prepare in emergency situations. Nature can change in an instant. When kids witness weather patterns, animals, they create a sense of self in the world.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

5 Tips to Pack a Backpack Effectively

Wilderness backpacking is exhilarating. There’s something about being one with nature, living off the land, and exploring the backcountry that puts your place in the world into perspective. Fresh air is so good for the soul. Carving out time to get outside and explore is important for self-care. Hiking can be an excellent balance between exercise and relaxation. We’ve put together some tips on packing your wilderness backpack and outdoor gear effectively and easily. For more information click here.  Wholesale Wool Blankets

Don’t pack as you go. Instead, lay out all the items that you intend to bring with you and then strategically pack from there. This also helps if you accidentally forget to pack something. Lay out your outdoor gear, clothing, hiking boots, wool camping blanket, matches, and fuel.
Pack the largest items in first
Always be sure that weight is evenly distributed and centered. Consider packing the items that you will use last (for example, when you set up camp at the end of the day). For more information click here. wholesale blankets
Avoid leaks. If you intend to pack spare water bottles for the campsite, be sure that these are packed at the base of your pack. This prevents water leaks dampening all of your other items. For more information click here. Quality Wool Blankets

Pack Essentials
Rain gear, wool socks, base layers, and a condensed down jacket are the key pieces we pack in for every backcountry expedition. This isn’t a fashion show. Pack smart and effectively. For more information click here. Black And White Wool Blanket
Emergency and survival items should have quick and easy access
This includes first aid kits, knife, emergency blanket etc.
Use Carabiners
These are great for attaching lighter items to the back of your pack. Use loops to secure your wool blanket, hiking poles, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.
By the time you reach the summit or your final campsite, you’ll be able to quickly unpack, set up camp, and wrap up with your wool blanket for a night of stargazing and relaxing. As a wool blanket company, we never leave home without our green wool blanket and our gray wool blankets. They help cut the chill and make for a restful night sleep.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tips for Staying Warm

Summer and fall are just around the corner. Which means…so are endless weekend soccer games, sporting events, and music festivals. We’ve put together some tips on keeping warm during those early morning practices or late night music concerts. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the temperatures don’t drop. Staying informed and prepared. Nobody like’s being cold. For more information click here. Sheep Wool Blankets

Pack a wool blanket. Our wool blankets make a perfect stadium blanket. Choose from plaid wool blanket, gray wool blankets, green wool blanket, black and white wool blanket, gray and yellow wool blanket, and red, white, and blue wool blanket. As a wool blanket company, we put so much time and effort into curating a quality wool blankets for your family to treasure for years to come.
2.      Wear layers. It’s easier to take layers off then put them on, especially if you didn’t pack any! There’s nothing worse than being cold. Packing layers that are compact and easy to bring are important for a comfortable evening under the stars or on the sidelines. For more information click here.  sheep blanket
3.      Pack wool socks. These make ALL the difference. We love wool (obviously). Not only for our 80% merino wool blankets and our 100% merino wool blankets, but also as socks! Toasty feet make us happy.
4.      Pack a scarf. Lightweight and can fit right in your purse! These make all the difference, especially on airplanes. For more information click here.  best wool blankets
5.      Move around. Exercise gets the blood going and warms the body up. Always plan of time when packing your outdoor gear. For more information click here. Corporate Gift Idea
6.      Drink warm beverages. Something about drinking warm beverages calms the body and evokes a sense of warmth.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

3 Reasons Companies Should Implement Team Building Exercises

Team building is an excellent activity that provides growth and comradery among coworkers. Considering how many hours a day one spends at the office, it’s important to implement team building activities to bring people together. And what better way to do that than to be surrounded by nature? For more information click here. thick wool blanket
Bringing colleagues together outside of the workplace can be good for improving morale, communication, and workmanship. Getting to know colleagues in a different-and sometimes challenging-environment is a trend that many workplaces are beginning to introduce into their organizations. Allocating a budget to team building can be a wise investment for the future and effort of your workforce. For more information click here.  Wool Blanket

There are businesses that facilitate team building surrounded by nature. Nature provides a playground for exercise and discussion. Here are our top reasons why an outside work field trip in nature is worth considering. For more information click here.  woolen blankets

Teambuilding and Performance Enhancement
Bringing teams together builds comradery, trust, and fun.

Fostering an Environment of Fun and Dedication
People work harder when they enjoy the work and the mission. Making your workplace a positive environment fuels employee dedication. Don’t have time for a full day away from the office? Building comradery can be as simple as catering a healthy lunch and laying out some picnic blankets to have a team meal together during the warmer months. In a world where things move quickly, it’s nice to slow down every once and a while and show your employees that they are meaningful to you.

Embarking on a team building activity in nature promotes communication and getting to know colleagues outside of the office. For more information click here.  hammock camping gear

Is your company considering a team building exercise outside? Day hikes are an excellent way to bring colleagues together. Nature provides a wonderful backdrop for teamwork. As the leader of warm wool blankets, Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company offers wholesale wool blankets, which make a unique corporate gift idea for employees and clients. Impressive corporate gifts can build loyalty and support and should be an activity considered all throughout the year. Choose from camp blanket, farmhouse blankets, and 100% merino wool blankets.

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