Monday, 19 February 2018

Campfire Party Décor Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company, Camp Blankets

Campfire Party Décor
Who doesn’t love a good campfire? Gathering around with friends, surrounded by nature and stars, breathing in fresh air is our idea of a fun time. Finding the perfect campsite is an important part of our camping adventures. We stake it out, ensure its flat enough, measure the proximately to the fire pit (bonus if it’s near a river!), and get to work with setting up camp. Not near a campsite? Not to worry, you can do this in your own backyard! What’s even better? That you don’t have to clean the house! Easy to prep and easy to take down. Below are our essentials for staging the perfect campfire/bonfire party.
yellow wool blanket

Campfire Seats
Good old tree stumps are perfect for these. 
Plenty of wood
Chop ahead of time and display in a beautiful firewood bag. 
Bug repellent
Your guests will thank you for passing out individual sized packets.
What’s a bonfire without warm blankets? Bring a durable wool blanket. We offer an array of designs, ranging from yellow wool blanketsheep wool blankets, wholesale wool blanketsquality wool blankets, and checkered wool blankets. Add some color and set out one of each! At 66 inches x 90 inches, our black and white checkered blanket are big enough for just one. Having a big party? Check out our navy blue wool blanket to make sure you have enough for everyone.
What’s a bonfire without s’mores? Want something warm? Then a good hot chocolate will always do the trick. Check out our recent blog on all the creative ways you can make a s’more.
Paper Lanterns
These add a subtle ambiance. Perfect for walkways.
It’s always great to have that one person in the crowd who can play the guitar. 
Comfort Food
Roasted hot dogs and roasted corn are must-haves.

Gather round…and enjoy :)

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