Saturday, 16 June 2018

Corporate Gift Do’s and Don’ts

Business savvy companies have a robust corporate gift giving program throughout the year. As a wool blanket company, we are constantly asked if we offer corporate gift giving. And the answer is, yes! Every year we have companies contact us who are looking for a unique corporate gift idea. They want to impress their clients and leave a lasting impression. If this sounds like something you are looking for, then we have you covered (literally!). We offer wholesale blanket pricing.  A merino wool blanket is the perfect corporate gift idea. Your recipients will feel valued and appreciated. Gift your recipients the best wool blanketFor more information click here. plaid wool blanket & striped wool blanket

Read our do’s and don’ts for corporate gift giving.  For more information click here.  washing wool blanket & wholesale blankets

Do be memorable
Don’t go overboard
Do offer something unique
Don’t go cheap
Do make an investment
Don’t wait until the last minute
Do make this part of your marketing and retention plan
Don’t forget employees, VIP clients, and prospective clients
Do remember to package this well
Don’t go overboard with advertising your company name all over the gift
Do give something practical
Don’t violate any laws For more information click here.  teal blanket & fireproof blanket

…Do spread warmth and joy, all year round!

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