Sunday, 24 December 2017

Virgin Sheep Wool versus Recycled Wool

The difference between virgin sheep wool and recycled wool is quite simple.  Virgin wool is wool that has never been used before. The wool fibers have never been dyed or made into clothing, blankets, or rugs. Because of this, virgin wool is inherently stronger, more resilient, and softer than recycled wool. Virgin wool, often called new wool or pure wool, is less prone to wrinkling, and its fibers are more elastic than recycled wool. For the reasons mentioned above, here at Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company, we use virgin Merino wool in all our blankets.  This gives our Farmhouse Collection and Explorer Collection heavy wool blanket the softness and durability you can rely on for many years to come.

What is Recycled Wool?

Recycled wool and wool fibers are merely those that have been used before and repurposed for another use. Recycled wool typically goes through a process of being sorted, cleaned, shredded, and reduced down to woolen fibers. The wool fibers are then re-dyed or kept in their new recycled color then spun into new yarn. Recycled wool is excellent for many uses such as insulation, absorption material, and rugs. Recycled or reclaimed wool does not have the same resilience and softness qualities as virgin wool because the fibers have been torn apart and spun many times over. Due to reprocessing, a recycled 100 percent wool blanket will typically feel a lot rougher and “scratchier” than a blanket woven with virgin wool.

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