Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Creating a Beautiful Summertime Picnic

Creating the most perfect and beautiful picnic is a fun activity in the summer time. Whether we are out camping in the mountains, trail riding in the woods, or hanging out at home in the country, we take our picnics seriously. It’s important to nourish the mind and body, and what better way to do that then blend food and the outdoors together? Grab your quality wool blankets and picnic basket, y’all.

Although we favor garden fresh fruits and veggies, you can find most makings for a summertime picnic at your local grocery store. Stocking up on the essentials means you will never be left stranded. Below are our top must-haves for planning a perfect summer picnic.

This sounds obvious, but make sure you get one that is big and sturdy enough to hold all your food, utensils, etc.

Cloth Napkins
They don’t blow away and it’s more sustainable than paper napkins

Wooden Plates
More sustainable than paper and plastic.

Pack the makings for a good charcuterie board to kick things off. Quality prosciutto, salami, goat cheese, fontina, and gouda. Add a touch of organic raw honey, some good quality organic crackers, and a sprinkle of your favorite nuts (such as pumpkin or almonds).

Hummus and pita chips

A bowl of fresh blackberries

A good bottle of wine. White wine or champagne with berries is a summertime favorite!

Sparkling water

Garden fresh veggies on a millet and quinoa loaf. Pre-slice ahead of time and add smashed avocados, heirloom tomatoes sprouts, and a little pesto.

A Good Book
For post-meal relaxation

A Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company classic checkered wool blankets for sale

A perfect picnic black and white wool blanket for that post-meal snooze….

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