Monday, 1 January 2018

Front Porch Essentials

Warm weather is upon us, and that barren front porch is ready to come alive again.  The front porch offers curb appeal to your home and is often the first place a visitor sees and steps foot.  The front porch is a place to sit and relax while watching the sun going up or the sun going down.  It’s the perfect place to sip coffee in the morning, sweet tea during the day, and a glass of wine at night.  The front porch is a place to gather with loved ones, friends, acquaintances and share stories.  

Adding some flair to your front porch to make it inviting, intriguing, and comfortable can be a low-cost and simple task.  Some of our favorite front porch essentials include:

Rocking Chairs
We like to scavenge through garage sales or antique shops to find the perfect rockers.  Buy a rustic wooden or metal table to separate the chairs to rest beverages or play cards.  Choose from our variety of sheep wool blankets from our Farmhouse Collection to add year-round comfort and warmth. Use as a backrest on the chairs or pull over your shoulders on a chilly night. They make the perfect porch swing blanket. Wool is a unique fiber that will help keep you cool in the summer and warm and toasty during the colder months. 

Small Garden Bed
Putting a small garden bed of aromatic flowers or herbs will add a lovely scent which greets visitors to your front porch. 

Bistro Lights
The classic glow of warm bistro white lights will provide a warm ambiance to your space.

Vintage Wagon
Vintage items such as wagons or sleds can be incorporated into a flower bed or herb garden.  Vintage items provide charm, timelessness, and are also great conversation pieces.   

What front porch would be complete without a swing?  Whether it’s a traditional two-seater swing or a swinging daybed, these are a must.  We recommend a composite construction that requires minimal maintenance and will last for years and years.  

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