Saturday, 17 March 2018

Wool Blanket Spotlight : French Country Farmhouse Collection Wool Blanket

With a touch of French Country décor, you make your home feel as though you are nestled in the French countryside.  The teal and cream plaid wool blanket is a high-quality wool blanket from our Farmhouse Wool Blanket Collection.  This pure sheep wool blanket in a beautiful teal and cream plaid pattern will have your imagination running wild when you wrap yourself up in this heavy wool blanket and begin to doze off.  Thoughts of freshly baked baguettes, fresh cut flowers, and bicycling through the rolling green pastures back to your tiny villa.  
 sheep blanket
Spice up the color in your living room or bedroom.  These warm wool blankets are the perfect addition to your home décor.  Your family and friends will fall in love with the size, quality, and craftsmanship of these fine sheep wool blankets.  The teal and cream plaid blankets come with a brushed finish, providing extra loft and softness.  Every wool blanket we make comes double stitched and finished with a thick yarn whipstitch that provides strength and longevity that really shines through.  Our customers love keeping these blankets in the living room for wrapping up into while watching their favorite shows and movies.  Family and friends always enjoy finding a Woolly blanket in the guestroom, which provides them with an extra layer of warmth and comfort on their bed. 

The French Country wool blanket is one our top selling warm wool blankets.  We find that many customers who purchase one also come back to purchase another.  Aside from selling directly to our customers via our website, we also provide wholesale wool blankets for those looking to make larger bulk orders.   Our blankets make the perfect corporate gift idea, providing your customers or employees with a timeless, high-quality gift that with last for many years.  High-quality corporate gifts are the perfect way to express appreciation and gratitude and to stay engaged with your clients and employees.  Our wholesale wool blanket program consists of either the Explorer Collection wool blankets or the Farmhouse Collection wool blankets… or a mix of both.  To receive more information about our corporate gift and wholesale program contact us today at

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