Monday, 26 March 2018

Woolly Wanderings in Big Sur, California

Looking for a magical place to wander and explore? Look no further than Big Sur, California. We had the opportunity to camp and explore Big Sur during the summertime months and it’s an experience that we will never forget. The drive through Big Sur on Pacific Coast Highway is breathtaking. Whichever way you are headed, the entrance into the area of Big Sur will be sure to take your breath away.

We started our journey from Northern California, stopping in San Francisco and Santa Cruz along the way. Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful scene and every direction you look reflects stunning ocean views. After grabbing a bite to eat in Santa Cruz at our favorite falafel place, we continued the journey through Monterey and Carmel. There’s no rush to get to Big Sur, since all the coast towns leading up to it are little gems of their own.

Of course, we had to stop to take the classic Big Sur photograph. It truly is amazing to see in person. As we continued our journey, we stopped for an early dinner at a little hippy place that served amazing sandwiches. Without much of a plan, we set off into the woods and drove quite a distance to the top before finally landing at Prewitt Ridge. If you decide to go, be sure that your car has all-wheel drive. This is a very desolated area but the views are worth it. You literally overlook the ocean and camp above the clouds. Prewitt Ridge is one of the most stunning places we have ever set up camp. No running water, no bathroom facilities. Pure nature in its beauty.


Some tips to keep in mind if camping around Big Sur…

Campsites fill up quickly, which is why we opted for backcountry camping in Prewitt Ridge. Be sure to plan if you are looking for a campsite that has bathroom facilities, running water, etc.

Pack water. This is one thing we wish we had packed more of. The temperature was very dry and dusty. Although we had enough to get by, we could have used more if we opted to stay another night.

What to pack?
Plan on packing all the essentials for this trip. It’s remote. Since you’re camping above the clouds, the weather can change almost immediately. Start with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, lantern, whistle, grill, water, chairs, sunscreen, thick wool blanket, extra gasoline for your car, and plenty of food.

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