Friday, 20 April 2018

Springtime Picnics

Springtime Picnics
Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining bright. Getting outside is so important for the mind, body, and soul. Once the temperatures warm up, we can’t wait to hit the trails, have nightly bonfires, and lounge under the stars. Picnics add fun and flare to any meal and can be a great activity for both kids and adults. Below are our Top 5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Picnic.
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Choose the Right Food
Finger foods are great for picnics. There is less clean up and you’re not juggling utensils around. Cucumber and curry sandwiches, fruit kabobs, sweet iced tea, creamy cashew potato salad, and banana bread are just a few of our favorites. Choose dishes that travel well. Baguettes are a hearty bread, and less inclined to get soggy. Invest in a good cooler to ensure they stay fresh and use sturdy canvas bags to carry the rest. A quality roll up wool blanket is a must-have.

Practice Sustainability
Using break-resistant plates and cloth napkins are a much better alternative to using paper plates and napkins. Tea cloths are useful for covering food from bugs. Keeping drinks cooled in a thermos is better for the environment than contributing to the pollution often caused by plastic water bottles and straws. Parchment paper and twine are suitable for packing and environmentally friendly.

Set Up
Everyone should own a good picnic blanket. A durable wool blanket is perfect for lounging in the park or backyard. At 66 inches by 90 inches, there is plenty of room for two! Choose from our navy blue wool blanket, green wool blanket, tan wool blanket, gray wool blanket, plaid wool blankets, and striped wool blankets. You’re sure to find the design that fits your style! Our wool camp blanket  have a rugged and dense finish. They are also double as a warm stadium blanket, too! Need some 4th of July party décor ideas? Grab our red, white, and blue wool blanket and keep your guests cozy warm all through the night!

What’s a picnic without fun yard games? Our favorites include horse shoes, corn hole, and bocce ball. In the mood to lounge? Then don’t forget the game of Checkers or Scrabble! Board games go perfectly with our black and white wool blanket.

Finally, don’t forget to unplug. Life can be busy and chaotic. Carving out time to separate yourself from technology, emails, text messages, and phone calls forces you to be one with nature and practice gratitude for the gift of presence. An afternoon nap never hurts ;)

Happy Picnicking!

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