Monday, 16 April 2018

Glamping Essentials

Are you looking to get down with nature but you’re not all that interested in roughing out in the back country? Perhaps you should try glamping!  Glamping is simply, glamorous camping.  Glamping can be performed on all different levels from posting up at a nice clean campsite with a bathroom, RV camping, or renting fully equipped cabin or treehouse in the woods.  At Woolly, we like to keep glamping simple by finding that perfect campsite at a National Park which includes a fire pit and bathrooms within walking distance from the campsite.  To glamp things up around the campsite, we like to bring our top 3 favorite glamping products to ensure our campsite is decked out and perfect for those social media posts! 
Wool Blanket
1.     Solar Powered String Lights – Be the envy of all your campsite neighbors.  These lights are perfect for when the sun goes down.  You can string these up around your tent or make a nice backdrop around your fire pit area.  They allow the perfect amount of light for you to make the beautiful s’mores without having to handle a flashlight.  These lights provide a soft warm glow, evoking thoughts of a cozy, front porch of a rustic cabin. 

2.     High-Quality Wool Blankets – Our Farmhouse Collection wool blankets or our Explorer Collection Wool blankets both succeed in being a big hit for glampers everywhere.  Our Merino wool blankets are both functional and stylish.  At approximately 66 inches by 90 inches and 4 pounds, you’ll be impressed by the size and weight of these woolen blankets. Our red, white, and blue Freedom wool blanket makes for great social media posts! These quality wool blankets provide comfort and coziness as you swap stories around the bonfire, laying back watching the stars, or snuggling in your tent. Camp blankets are a must-have for glampers. We offer gray camp blankets, navy camp blankets, green camp blankets, and tan camp blankets. A wool camp blanket will keep you toasty as you listen to the fire crackle and watch the stars glimmer above you.

3.     Air Mattress or Sleeping Pad – If you are glamping, there is a high probability you won’t be sleeping on the ground!  Make sure to get yourself a high-quality air mattress or sleeping pad that will elevate you off the cold, hard ground.  When your body is off the ground, typically the warmer you will be.

We occasionally have wool blankets on sale. Shop our wool blanket collections today!

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